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Apple presentation

Apple’s first event of 2022 has come loaded with new products in four different device families: smartphones, tablets, desktops and monitors.

Apple upgraded the iPhone SE and iPad Air in features, adding a new desktop computer, the Mac Studio, and a new standalone monitor. the Studio Display

Particularly noteworthy is this last section, since the previous monitor presented by the Cupertino company, the Pro Display XR presented in 2019 and aimed at a high-end professional audience had been the only new device of this type with the apple logo since the presentation in 2011 of the Thunderbolt Display.

Except for the new monitor, the other three new products (mobile, tablet, computer) have responded to the proposal of the call in this presentation: performance in sight. All of them incorporate processors that substantially improve the power of their predecessor devices.

-iPhone SE 2022: With no external changes from the previous version of the iPhone SE introduced in 2020, the new features are on the inside: A 15 Bionic processor (like the iPhone 13), 5G connectivity and camera improvements including Deep Fusion technology and Smart HDR 4. It will be available from March 18 at prices starting at €529 for the version with 64 Gb of internal storage, with 128 Gb and 265 Gb options available.

Apple iPhone SE

-iPad Air 2022: The exterior of the model introduced in 2020 is also unchanged although in this fifth generation of Apple’s lightweight tablet its capabilities have been extraordinarily boosted with the inclusion of an M1 processor.

As for the camera, it now incorporates the Center Stage function of tracking and reframing when the user moves or more participants are added in a video conference.

There is also the option of 5G connectivity. It will be available from March 18 at prices starting at 679 euros for the version with 64 Gb of internal storage and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, with a 265 Gb option and a 5G connectivity option.

Apple iPad Air

-Mac Studio: You could almost say that the Mac Mini has grown up, because this new desktop computer features a very similar form factor but with a taller height, as if two or three Mac Mini’s were stacked together. The reason is the need to accommodate a powerful dual-turbine ventilation system capable of cooling the enormous power housed in its processor.

This is a new generation of the Apple Silicon family, Apple’s in-house designed microchips. In this case it is the M1 Ultra, with a staggering 20-core CPU figure plus another 64 graphics cores. This is a processor that sits above the M1 Pro and M1 Max introduced last fall along with the new MacBook Pros. Aimed at users with professional requirements, the Mac Studio will be available from March 18 with prices starting at 2,329 euros.

Mac Studio and Studio Display

-Studio Display: Taking up the same name as Apple’s first standalone external display, introduced in 1998 and featuring a 15-inch flat panel display in translucent plastic casing, this new Studio Display adopts the familiar design in the latest Pro Display XR in aluminum, much like what has already been seen in the latest M1 processor-based iMacs.

In this case the dimensions go up to 27 inches in 5K resolution, also counting with front camera and speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos sound system. It will be available from March 18 with two variants: standard glass screen (1,779 euros) or screen with nanotextured glass (2,029 euros), a type of glass that scatters light to reduce reflections and improve the image even in bright environments.

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