The new pill against covid

We are still in the fight against the disease of the century. And there is a new front to fight: it is the new pill against covid announced by the pharmaceutical company Merck. It announced the results of its experimental pill against COVID-19. It reduces by half the probability of death and hospitalization for the disease.

The new covid pill is very close to approval.
The new covid pill is very close to approval.
Fast treatment

Now, the company aims to formalize its use. They hope to get authorization for the sale of the drug soon. It will be called molnupiravir. If approved, the pill would become the first in the world with proven efficacy for this treatment.

“This would allow us to treat many more people much faster. And, we trust, in a much less expensive way.” Lo said a The Associated Press William Schaffner. He is a physician specializing in infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University (USA).

According to Merck and its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, the first results are positive. Patients who received the drug were studied. Within five days after COVID-19 symptoms have half the rate of hospitalization and death. It was compared with those who received a placebo.

The results of this treatment have been very positive.
The results of this treatment have been very positive.
Awaiting approval

Seven hundred seventy-five adults with mild to moderate COVID-19 participated in the trial. They were considered to be at high risk for the severe form of the disease. This was due to problems such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

Shares of the drugmaker hit their biggest gain since 2009 following this announcement. At the moment, the results have not been reviewed by outside experts. This is part of the usual procedure for approving new drugs.

The new covid pill could be approved for use weeks after application. In the United States, it is provided by the Food and Drug Administration. It is the government agency responsible for regulating drugs in the country.

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