The oldest coinage in the world

In the past, barter functioned as a commercial business. But it was difficult to establish fair exchanges. What to do? Starting with precious metals, common standards began to be used. Little by little, the concept of currency emerged. They didn’t always have the round shape that made them stand out. What is it? Well, apparently the oldest mint in the world has been found. Excavations were carried out in a bronze foundry in China.

The oldest coinage in the world.  Spade-shaped coins.
The oldest coinage in the world. Spade-shaped coins.

It’s an interesting find. The age of this process is constantly being debated. However, this is the oldest known safe dating. And that sheds new light on the history of coins.

There is great interest in the origins of the minting of metals. The monetization of the old economies is controversial. And they have been a research focus for many years. It is a subject that interests both archeology and economic history. Unsurprisingly, this event amazed historians.

It’s new Research published in ancient times. Here, The discovery of clay molds for melting shovel-shaped coins is reported. Right, shovel-shaped, not round coins. They are characteristic of the eastern Zhou period (approx. 770-220 BC). And they were found in Guanzhuang, Henan Province.

This is where the old mint worked.
This is where the old mint worked.
Barter house

There are relevant technical properties of the forms. These show that the website functioned as a mint. In fact, standardized coins were made there.

A systematic radiocarbon dating was carried out. It indicates that between 640-550 BC. Developed a well-organized coinage. C. There is no doubt. This makes Guanzhuang the oldest known and definitely dated mint. They have the oldest coinage in the world.

This discovery provides important new data. According to the authors, it is used to research the origin of monetization in ancient China. The investigation is led by Hao Zhao. He works at the data center of Zhengzhou University.

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