The opening of Super Nintendo World has been postponed again

It should have been inaugurated in June 2020 on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but the Super Nintendo World Mario theme park took longer than expected to be ready due to the coronavirus pandemic. After months of waiting, it was announced at the end of 2020 that it would open its doors on February 4th.

The park is located in the city of Osaka, where a state of emergency has been declared

But that won’t be the case either. Universal Studios Japan, the great entertainment complex that will be home to Super Nintendo World in Osaka City, has pointed this out The opening date will be postponed againas the country declared a state of emergency in eleven areas of the nation until at least February 7th.

Osaka is located in one of the areas affected by the state of emergency. This exceptional situation means that “Super Nintendo World” does not open its doors on the scheduled date. The owner company takes care of that will announce the new opening date as soon as possible, but it can be done within a few weeks once the state of emergency is lifted.

The nation’s government’s declaration of a state of emergency does not imply the total containment of the population in their homes or even forcing restaurants and shops to close beforehand, although the measures are not as strict as in other countries, Universal Studios Japan believes that this is not the ideal time to open the park gates.

At the moment, and to the dismay of fans, there is no confirmed date on the horizon. However, it appears that We don’t have to wait for the Olympics, also delayed and scheduled for next summer to enjoy the attractions of “Super Nintendo World”. Some of them can be seen in this video that Nintendo broadcast live at the end of December and which you can use to whet your appetite:

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