The Orange Days come to PcComponents to celebrate autumn


It is possible that, from now on, you will stop considering brown as the characteristic color of autumn and that you will “switch” to the color orange. All because PcComponents celebrates, from 4 to 10 October, its “Orange Days”, which will give much to talk about.

And what are the “Orange Days” of PcComponents? Well, a whole week of discounts, offers and opportunities, with which the most influential e-commerce of Spanish origin for lovers of technology and computing, celebrates the arrival of autumn.

If you are thinking of buying a computer, a console or any other electronic product with which to vitaminize your autumn with the “Orange Days” of PcComponents you have a day in which the firm makes available to everyone exclusive discounts on a wide range of products: devices for the home, desktops, mobile phones, gaming peripherals, bluetooth headphones ..

The “Orange Days” have already become one of the most anticipated events of the technological autumn. For several years now, PcComponents offers discounts of up to 25% on many of the products in its extensive catalog, in all categories, so you’re sure to find the one that meets your needs … or serve to give you a treat!

Although there are discounts for all kinds of products, this year the “Orange Days” of PcComponents will put a special focus on gaming products, to fill your free time with fun in autumn, with significant discounts on gaming chairs and all kinds of peripherals that will delight the most gamers in the house.

PcComponents Orange Days

Also devices for home use and those that allow you to enjoy the outdoors and mobility in the city will be subject to significant discounts during this week of promotions and special advantages. For example, electric scooters and bluetooth headphones will star in many of the promotions, as will laptops and computers for the office or back to school.

You can also find very interesting discounts to buy kitchen robots, mobile phones or smart speakers at very discounted prices. Also mice, screens … and all kinds of peripherals to make your gaming experience a great time. And among the technological devices for the home you will find kitchen robots, home security systems… and much more.

If you want to renew your home equipment, get ready for the return to the office or treat yourself to that gadget you want so much, this is the best time to make the most of autumn and take advantage of the “Orange Days” discounts.

Get ahead of “Black Friday” and enjoy your favorite technology as soon as possible. You know that if you want to benefit from discounts of up to 25% on your favorite products, this fall is time to go from brown and go for orange. Hurry before they run out and go to the PcComponents website to check out the offers that are going to be the most popular this season.

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