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Qvadis One phone

Applying the latest technologies enables us to enjoy one safer and more accessible connected home to numerous functions. We are already used to using cameras at home or all kinds of devices connected to the Internet, but today we want to talk about a device that will undoubtedly grab your attention: the reinvention of the traditional intercom or the phone , adapted to new technologies.

We tested Qvadis One, a new intercom concept that enables this reinvent the way to stay connected at home. Developed by a 100% Spanish startup, it can be used in any home or building. It just replaces the house’s internal intercom and allows you to answer the portal call from anywhere.

As you can see in the following video, Using Qvadis One is very easy. It connects to the WiFi at home and when someone calls the portal, the communication is received in the free Qvadis app on the mobile phone or tablet as well as on the computer (both Mac and PC) via the web client.

If multiple users are registered in the device and one answers, the rest of the users will no longer receive the call. This person can speak to the person who called the concierge and, if desired, open the portal door remotely without a key. All communication is in encrypted form and is completely secure for users whose privacy is guaranteed.

Best of all, installing Qvadis One is very simple and easy does not require any changes to the road plate or installation the intercom of the building. So, you can use it at home too if your neighborhood community doesn’t want to make changes to the current phone system.

This new intercom can be very useful for the elderly who sometimes do not arrive in time to answer the calls from the phone as they can answer and open from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

In addition, it is a very useful gadget for any user as it includes additional features like the presence detector – it is activated when a user is detected nearby – and provides information such as today’s weather and the forecast for the next few days. . It also includes the new QNotes feature, a very simple application that allows you to send notes to yours through Qvadis. In addition, new features will be added soon, such as: B. Integration with voice assistants.

It is also useful for SMEs as it includes additional functions such as registering the entry and exit of workers. The biometric registration or facial recognition is recorded contactlessly on the mobile phone itself, taking COVID-19 preventive measures into account.

Why didn’t you think it’s so easy to revolutionize your home phone? The new Qvadis One is so comfortable and useful. If you want to live in the home of the future, you can download it now from his website. Don’t you believe it anymore

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