The picturesque village of a street

If you look at it from an airplane, it resembles a long seam linking a series of winding, colorful fields. Or a scar. When you look closer, you discover the truth. And then the picturesque village of a street appears before your eyes.

In a long row, there are the houses of the 6,000 inhabitants living in this village. It is located in the province of Malopolska (Lesser Poland), in the south of the central European country. This “Polish pearl” is Suloszowa, “a village whose inhabitants live on a single street”. So say the photos posted on social networks that have been shared by thousands of users.

The picturesque one-street village catches the eye from the heights.
The picturesque village of a street catches the eye from the heights.

Friendly community

Suloszowa is in the Ojcowski National Park. It is famous for its limestone formations, about 36 km from Krakow. As can be seen on aerial photographs, the roofs of Suloszowa’s houses and buildings span both sides of a 9 km long street. It is called Olkuska-Krakowska, one of the longest streets in Poland.

But what is it like to live in Suloszowa? “There is a good sense of community here.” Edyta, the owner of a local store, tells us. We have Strawberry Day. That’s when we all get together and taste the new crops and play music. And we also have Potato Day, when we do the same thing.”

But as in all small towns, he adds, “people in Suloszowa also like to gossip. And we all know each other.” Among Suloszowa’s tourist attractions is Pieskowa Skala Castle. It is located on a street called the Eagles’ Nest Road.

Nearby there is an imposing 14th century castle.
Very close by is an imposing 14th century castle.

Tourist attractions

The castle is on the bank of Suloszowa within the boundaries of the Ojcowski National Park. It was built by King Casimir III the Great in the 14th century. It was part of the defensive chain of castles called “Eagle’s Nests”.

On the road leading to Suloszowa you can also find the “Hercules’ Baton’. It is a 30-meter-high limestone column rising into the sky. So the picturesque one-street village has no shortage of attractions. Consider it as an option for your next trip – don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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