The professions with the brightest future. Interview on TRECE TV

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What will be the most in-demand professions in the coming years? How are new technologies completely changing the employment landscape?

To answer these questions, the program “La Lupa de la mañana” on TRECE TV, has interviewed Manuel Morenoexpert in new technologies and director of Manuel has answered the questions of the hosts of the space, Patricia Betancort and Lucía Crespowith whom he delved into the changes that social networks and technological innovations are bringing about in the training of young people and their access to the labour market.

Among other aspects, they have commented on how professions that only a few years ago were not known, such as Community Manager, or Big Data analyst, have now become some of the most demanded jobs by companies and that offer more opportunities for access to the world of work for young people.

Have you ever thought of being a drone pilot? Or an electric vehicle technician? These are other professions that will have more pull in the coming years, along with those related, for example, with the universe of cryptocurrencies.

If you want to know what will be the most demanded professions and with more future in the coming years and you could not see the interview in “La Lupa de la mañana”, now you can do it here. Also, remember that if you want to be aware of all our interventions in the media you can follow the section “TreceBits in the media”.

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