The profile of a poker player, what kind of people play poker?

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We can say that poker is one of the most popular card games worldwide. Being one of the most chosen and praised games in the best physical casinos, and one of the star options within the online gaming platforms. This is supported by the number of players of this card game.

If we think of this, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the United States. This is perhaps due to Hollywood and the movies that, like the famous Casino Royale (one of the James Bond films), show on stage various poker games, similar to those found in online casinos today. However, its origin is quite far away. Although there are several theories about where it was born, it is usually said that it is a combination of other games of diverse origins. These include a variant of the game of dominoes devised in China around 900 B.C.; and the Persian card game known as Ace Nas. But what makes poker one of the favorite games?

what drives people from all over the world to play it?

The growth in popularity of poker games in the last decade is spectacular. But this does not catch us unawares. If we take into account certain factors that lead people all over the world to play the sport. Among them are the following aspects:

-It is a form of entertainment with cards, suitable for various types of audiences. Something that allows us not only to play as professional players, but also to play with friends or family, at any time. And even be able to teach others to play with them, adding a new skill to our list.

-Another aspect that motivates many is the excitement of discovering the cards that you have been dealt, and being able to see who has won the game and with what play. Were they making a poker face or did they have good cards?

-Like other popular card games in Spain, it requires some skill and strategy to follow, especially in professional games. That is why it is a good activity to keep our brain active, even train it to be able to follow the moves and to be able to adapt our strategy at every moment.

-We should not leave behind that although we can play with anyone for fun, it can also make us get certain gains. Especially if we access tournaments or poker games available in casinos, both in its online and physical version.

Different types of players

We have talked about it being a very accessible game. Hence, anyone can play it with the knowledge of its rules. Although each player could have his own type of game, there are 4 types of players that stand out. Mainly referring to the hands with which they usually open (or not) and the decisions they usually make during the round.

The loose passive

This is the player who will enter almost every hand to see what happens. Of course, he will do it with quite low stakes. Normally, he is a player who does not have a clear defense to play his cards, and, if he is not very lucky, he will be one of the first to get out of the hand. They do not usually analyze the positions or what their opponents are doing.

The variant of this type of player is the call. If they make a big bet, they have a big hand, and they will continue to pay, whether or not they have something to see your cards.

The maniac

This player is very clear about what he does and why he does it. Although his style can lose him as he is a type of player who makes much use of bluffs. Some say that there is a variant of this type of player, the LAG (loose-aggressive). They are quite observant and put pressure on the other players at the table.

The ‘tight’-passive

He will only enter the hand if he knows, for certain, that he can win. So they usually overvalue the hands that the other players may have, and undervalue the hands that they have. The variant of this is the weak tight, which although it usually enters the round with a lot of strength, it loses it with a bad flop. Something that happens a lot to those who are starting in the game.

The ‘tight’-aggressive

It is often said that this is the prototype of the good poker player. They are the opponents that nobody wants to have at the table. But they can teach us a lot, since they usually choose very well how to play, being very observant. Beating them is very difficult, since they make use of statistics to obtain good results in the long run and win hands without even having to show their cards.

As we can see, poker is a classic card game that is still relevant today. And not only that, it is also one of the most popular among players around the world. Something that is not surprising given all that it contributes with rules that are quite easy to follow and that we can take advantage of depending on the type of player we are.

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