The project to drill the moon

Do you have a construction project? Hire someone who knows how to do it. What if the project is in space? NASA is willing to pay whoever is able to collect a handful of stones on the moon. The space agency launched a call this Thursday. It is aimed at private companies for the extraction of moonstones. The announcement opens the door to alien mining for commercial purposes. It is presented as another step in the Artemisa program to establish a permanent presence on the satellite. The project to drill the moon is of interest to large potential suppliers.

The project to drill the moon opens the door to commercial alien mining.
The project to drill the moon opens the door to commercial alien mining.
Do you know the proposal

“NASA is buying lunar soil from a commercial supplier. Time to put regulatory security in place for the extraction and trading of space resources. “It was tweeted by its current administrator, Jim Bridenstine. The initiative invites companies from around the world to submit their proposals. They need to collect a ‘small’ sample of lunar material. The company must provide images of the rocks that indicate their original location. Then broadcast Transfer your property exclusively to the Space Agency. The company will receive 10% of the payment upon award, an additional 10% upon launch and the rest upon successful completion. The amount has not been disclosed for the time being. The agency will determine the rock reclamation methods at a later date.

Astronauts will return to the moon in 2024. You will step on the south pole of the satellite, where there is water in the form of ice. It is necessary for the survival of a future permanent base. Technologies are being tested there that could also serve as a gateway to Mars and other worlds. Bridenstine says on her blog that “leveraging the commercial exposure as part of Artemis will enhance our ability to return to the moon safely and sustainably.”

The moon still has secrets to discover.
The moon still has secrets to discover.

The project has not only scientific implications. Alien mining can be an invaluable business. But there is a huge legal vacuum. In 2015, the US Congress signed an ordinance that allowed them to use space resources. Earlier this year, an executive order issued by President Donald Trump went in the same direction and sought international support. And a few months ago NASA presented the Artemis Agreement. It is an attempt to regulate the sustainable exploitation of the moon through the establishment of “safe work zones”.

Bridenstine believes that publishing this application is a “critical step” for commercial companies. Any action in this regard must be carried out “in a transparent manner”. With that in mind, it should be noted that the project to pierce the moon is fully in line with the 1967 Space Treaty. It says that no country can claim sovereignty over the moon or other celestial bodies. The ultimate goal is “to usher in a new era of exploration and discovery that will benefit all humanity”.

And you, have you ever worked in mining? NASA has a proposal for you.

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