The Pyramids of Giza and the stars

The mysteries of the pyramids of Giza continue to summon scholars and experts from almost all sciences. Their construction, where the stones come from, the illumination inside the vaults and their exact alignment with the stars and the cardinal points, among others, are the most passionate topics. Although such a perfect alignment is what most attracts scientific attention, how did the Egyptian engineers of 4500 years ago make the alignment with the three stars of Orion so perfect? Moreover, in the Great Pyramid of Giza, each of its sides coincides with the cardinal points with incredible accuracy.

Pyramids of Giza

Alignment of the Pyramids of Giza.

This alignment is no longer an unknown. Scientists at Harvard University figured out how they did it. They published the study in the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture. The pyramids of Giza have a perfect alignment thanks to the earth’s movement with respect to the sun through the shadow it leaves in its wake.

The ancient Egyptians chose the autumnal equinox for the building layout at Giza. Harvard scientists used a gnomon, which is a rod driven into the earth at a fixed and determined position. By recording the shadow the stick leaves on the ground at intervals, a perfect line is drawn from east to west.

Scientists analyzed the experiment and achieved the same accuracy as the ancient Egyptians. They noted that, despite the passage of millennia, the shadow of the sun on the earth remains unchanged to this day.

The study of the pyramids is ancestral.

The mysteries about Egypt were born since a young Napoleon landed there in 1798 with 30,000 soldiers. Among his hosts, Napoleon counted many scientists of the time. They were mathematicians, architects, physicists, archaeologists, chemists, engineers, among others. From this trip, the obsession to study the ancestral mysteries of Egypt was born in Europe.

However, always, one of the most studied mysteries was the alignment of the pyramids with the stars. The Egyptians left no writings on how they did it. Since Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphs, it is known why they aligned the pyramids of Giza with the three stars of Orion.

The Egyptians believed that the stars of that constellation correspond to Isis and Osiris. The pyramids point to these stars because the pharaohs, when they die, are received by Osiris, to lead them directly to the final judgment in the other world.

Although the method of aligning the pyramids did not turn out to be so mysterious, the knowledge they had about the sciences often baffles the experts of our era.

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