The rain of worms in China

Strangely, reports coming out of China indicate unusual weather patterns over the weekend, in what witnesses have described as a rain of worms. This unusual phenomenon has been documented by several different sources and is sending shockwaves across the internet.

The full Worm Moon phenomenon occurs in the month of March. It is the first supermoon of the year. Being closer to our planet, it reflects more of the Sun’s light, therefore, it is splendid. It coincides with the beginning of the harvest season, when the land becomes more fertile. This is related to the rain of worms in China.

The Ontario Native Literacy Project describes what happens at that time. “The temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw. Earthworms appear heralding the return of the robins. Hence the origin of the full moon in March, called the Full Worm Moon,” reads the Farmer’s Almanac.

The rain of worms in China was a rare phenomenon.
The rain of worms in China was a rare phenomenon.

Various theories

In several videos on social networks something can be seen that is related to this phenomenon. These insects appear covering the streets, vehicles and houses in China. Some people recommended the use of umbrellas to protect themselves from worms falling from the sky.

Several theories about this event began to circulate on the internet. Many people began to relate it to the Full Worm Moon. This astronomical phenomenon will be fully observable on Tuesday, March 7. It coincides with the last winter Full Moon of this Asian country.

This caused the strangeness of the whole world. No authority in China has given explanations yet about the reason for this phenomenon. This gave rise to various theories, a little more accurate and not conspiracy theories.

One hypothesis points out that these “worms” are actually poplar flowers. They are full of seeds and when they fall they look like caterpillars. Other people on social networks believe that these animals fell from some building near the site. It could be infested with these bugs.

Possible explanation

Another theory says that these insects were swept away because of a whirlwind. As it lost strength, it dropped these worms from the sky, giving the appearance of an apocalyptic image.

For its part, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network also explains its theory. This type of animal incident occurs after a storm or storm. The bugs are washed miles away from their place of origin. This, perhaps, explains the rain of worms in China. Or does it?

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