The RCF arenas will be the largest structure for concerts and events in Europe


In the Italian province of Reggio, Emilia is Europe’s largest venue for outdoor concerts. His name is RCF Arenas and his project started in 2016. It was designed by three of the most renowned architectural firms in the world. It is currently in the final stages of construction and in a short time everyone will be able to enjoy such a well-designed space.

The inauguration date has been set for September 12, 2020. As a result of the corona virus, the inauguration was postponed and a new opening date has not yet been set. The already planned concerts are planned for mid-2021. Tickets are already available with the new dates.

Features that make RCF Arenas unique

The stadium is designed to accommodate more than 100,000 people. It has extensive green areas with special constructions to make it easier for visitors to access it without risk. The rooms are prepared in such a way that they contain temporarily assembled structures. This enables different simultaneous shows to be developed.

RCF Arenas the largest in Europe

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One of the best studied aspects is acoustic performance. It was taken into account from the start of the project and in the various construction phases. It has also been carefully analyzed to cause the least acoustic impact on the residents of the neighborhood and the city.

The space is fully developed outdoors. There will be a mega stage that is visible from all points on the campus. It is located in the lower area of ​​the RCF Arena. It offers a viewing angle of 110 degrees and was also designed with a 5% slope. After all, the public can have an excellent view from anywhere.

They also considered the park’s integration into the city to meet a number of urban requirements required by government agencies. This made it possible to connect this extensive city park with the natural landscape surrounding it.

The RCF arenas will be a new social center that, in addition to the areas dedicated to shows, will include:

  • Bike paths.
  • Parking spaces.
  • Restaurants.

The areas for shows are divided into three sectors:

  1. Special green arena for international shows.
  2. Exclusive sector for national recitals.
  3. Smaller area that can be used for public reception or for events with a smaller audience.
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The RCF Arenas were developed with safety and sustainability in mind

Security is one of the main virtues of RCF Arenas. When planning, the architects took into account aspects such as emergency exits, the circulation of special vehicles, clear and easily understandable signage and video surveillance with cameras that cover the entire surface.

The project resulted in the planting of thousands of trees and the construction of four kilometers of cycle paths. This contributes to the extreme care of environmental pollution and turns the entire area into a big green lung.

 RCF Arenas is sustainable

In addition, an important waste management system was created that can be used after every event. The sum of these features makes RCF Arenas a sustainable project.


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