The return of a prehistoric bird

What is takahe? A prehistoric bird endemic to New Zealand. More than 100 years ago it was considered extinct. A sighting was recently recorded in its habitat. This confirms the return of a prehistoric bird.
Findings of species that were thought to be extinct are not rare. There are numerous cases in which living beings that were already considered missing are seen again. Without a doubt, this represents something like a second chance. Now, the attention of conservationists has turned to New Zealand, the country where the takahé (Porphyrio hochstetteri) originates. It is a prehistoric bird that, after years of care, has been returned to its habitat.

The return of a prehistoric bird is a cause for celebration.
The return of a prehistoric bird is a cause for celebration.


Takahé populations were significantly reduced by European settlers and their companion animals. Unfortunately, this island in Oceania witnessed how, in that historical process, much of this bird’s home was destroyed.
Since records of the takahé began to be null and void, the animal was officially declared extinct in 1898. However, against all odds, the prehistoric bird of New Zealand was rediscovered in 1948. Currently, thanks to conservation work species, the New Zealand Department of Conservation estimates that takahé population growth is around 8% annually. In addition, there are around 500 living specimens.
Recently, after years in captivity, nine pairs of this endemic bird from New Zealand were released. The place where this occurred is the Wakatipu Valley. The species had been seen there in its last wild life.

The bird has an ancient presence on our planet.
The bird has an ancient presence on our planet.

old inhabitant

This bird is found in the mountains and can live up to 50 centimeters. It is an ancient inhabitant of Earth, since there is evidence of its presence since the Pleistocene. The news has even been taken with joy by the Ngai Tahu. It is a tribe native to the region whose ancestors lived with the bird.
The celebration of the return of a prehistoric bird comes with awareness. The survival of the bird is conditioned by the preservation of its habitat. Constant care and eradication of invasive species are other critical factors.

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