The return of the “reduced head” to Ecuador

It looks like a movie story. And yes, it does have a real relationship with cinema, but not what you’d expect. A specific item was used as part of the props in a 1979 film. But it turned out to be the real thing, as scientists found out. It is a ceremonial “tzantza”. This is the story of the return of the “withered head” to Ecuador, a terrible relic.

The return of the "reduced head" to Ecuador is a film story.
The return of the “reduced head” to Ecuador is a film story.
Valuable relics

The research was carried out by experts from Mercer University (USA). The artifact was in his collection. And they were able to check whether the curious talisman is real.

The tzantzas, popularly known as shrunken headsThey are unique and valuable antiques. They were made from human remains. And they are considered important cultural artifacts. they declared Researcher.

“They were used for ceremonial purposes. The ‘Zantzas’ became financially valuable as souvenirs and curiosities in the 19th century, ”added the research authors.

But the purpose of those shrunken heads it changed. “It was negatively affected by colonialism and the foreign market for strange artifacts.” For this reason, many institutions choose to repatriate them to their place of origin. This is what Mercer University decided details The daily mail.

Scientific research showed the plausibility of the piece.
Scientific research showed the plausibility of the piece.
Travel head

Before that, it was checked whether it was a real article. The artifact meets 30 of the 33 criteria set by the National Institute for Cultural Heritage of Ecuador. Such was the authenticity of the tzantza.

The head in question was acquired in 1942 by a former professor at the institution. It was made during an expedition in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The professor served as a Lt. Col. in the United States Air Force.

The object was on display at the university before it was kept and forgotten for decades. It was loaned for the production of the film White blood, directed by John Huston. It can be seen in different scenes.

The tzantza was treated by various members of the cast while the film was being made. The return of the “shrunken head” to Ecuador finally took place in 2019. This is how this film story ended … at least for the time being.

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