The rise of artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategies

The rise of artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategies has become a major factor in businesses’ development as well as success. AI helps marketers boost brand visibility, analyze data to make informed decisions, and reach a wider market. AI tools can customize campaigns specifically to target and reach users with the most relevant marketing content.

Abstract Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is booming in recent years. There are many fields in which we can use it. In digital marketing we are already seeing how it begins to be part of multiple strategies.

Technology already plays a preponderant role in our routine and increasingly reveals itself as a true ally in various areas of life. So much so that we are using artificial intelligence to optimize strategies and achieve better results.

When we thought of artificial intelligence in the past, we imagined robots and machines interacting with the population in an almost human way, as we saw in movies, TV series and animations.

Today we not only have robots with human aspects, but we have their help in the form of software, image and voice recognition systems, with the ability to learn and repeat the skills we have performed. This help has enabled us to solve problems with greater precision, both personally and professionally.

Digital marketing, for example, has taken advantage of the facilities offered by artificial intelligence to optimize strategies, content creation, data analysis, advertising campaigns and many other important steps for the success of a strategy.

Benefits that AI is going to have on digital marketing and its strategies.

We have to be realistic: even if we don’t have flying cars yet, we have come a long way in the use of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. If we don’t yet have robots that look like humans living with us in the office or even at home, we have systems that operate with the same ability to learn and perform human-like tasks, such as thinking, making decisions and acting on choices.

In general, this is the goal of AI: the creation of mechanisms that can simulate the human ability to think and solve problems. This involves different technologies such as voice and image recognition, learning techniques and much more.

Unlike what some believe, Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is not for the exclusive use of large companies with great investment capacity. Some strategies can be implemented on a daily basis in a variety of sectors.

Create and generate content

Artificial intelligence is very useful and efficient in bringing visitors to the website by creating content in some areas. Of course, it is not yet able to write opinions or advice, but it is capable of writing news or reports.

Smarter recommendations

Not only can you go about creating content, you can also tackle content curation. This way you can show related content to users once they have read a blog or purchased a certain item.

Artificial intelligence in the field of email marketing

Allows to be able to approach many users thanks to its automatic and personalized responses. A way to segment the audience more accurately, which helps as a previous step to personalize content for users.

Advertising campaigns

AI has algorithms that can make predictions about customers’ buying actions and their future activities very accurately. Possessing this information is most interesting for any business.

This makes it possible to be able to generate an advertising campaign knowing what customers are looking for.


The number of companies that have a virtual assistant on their platform or website is increasing. Companies benefit from being able to know the most common questions that users have about products or their services.

Potential customers can get to have a conversation as close as possible to what a human one would be. Let’s not forget that AI has machine learning, so it can learn and update its algorithms, allowing it to improve over time.

Artificial intelligence helps chatbots to improve a lot, something that is essential for improving customer service by providing immediate responses. In the same way it can help us to avoid having those long processes of contacts with potential customers, taking care of the bots to make the activities simpler and repetitive.

Thus, humans will be able to focus on questions of greater complexity and value, so that they will be able to share more specialized knowledge.

What are you waiting for?

Enterprise digital marketing is never going to get easier than by properly using Artificial Intelligence. All of this is going to be a major breakthrough in quite a few industries in the sector, especially in the field of marketing.

AI doesn’t want to take work away from marketing workers, what it seeks is for humans to be able to focus on the work that really matters, not on repetitive and non-value-adding tasks.

Artificial intelligence in Spain in 2023

It is a fact that artificial intelligence already accompanies us to a greater or lesser extent in our lives, but this 2023 seems to have begun by taking another turn of the screw in this regard.
There are applications such as GPT-3 seem to show that AI can answer a series of questions beyond programming predefined answers and performing tasks of a routine nature, but also those that require greater creativity, such as the generation of texts or images, but we are at the beginning of an era.

Something that is surprising us is that machines are capable of being able to autonomously generate these types of responses, without them being predefined. The truth is that these types of capabilities have been implemented rapidly.

Yes it is true that we were already aware of the great possibilities that Google Maps had, for example to offer us the best route or the famous virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa, but also in the environment there is some concern about whether AI will end up with many people losing their jobs.

As we say, it is quite likely that we are facing a new revolution, as in the past the industrial revolution, where those routine and recurring jobs can be done more efficiently by machines, as already happened in the nineteenth century.

However, we must also pay attention to everything that AI does not know how to do at the moment. Although it knows how to give answers, it does not yet ask questions. All this means that AI can be used by a professional to provide solutions to a problem that is detected, but by itself it cannot detect the problems that may exist.

This is what makes us think that workers thanks to AI will avoid doing tasks that add little value and will concentrate on tasks that require greater creativity, empathy and intelligence.

Of course, in the field of strategy we humans are not going to be replaced, but we must strive to be at the forefront in areas such as the analysis and implementation of all the changes that are occurring in the market. New technologies should be applied in companies as long as they facilitate day-to-day operations, without a doubt.


It seems clear that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and is undoubtedly the new face of productivity, as well as helping to make efficiency greater and companies more profitable.

If AI has to learn, we humans must also know how to better adapt our skills and be united in the face of the great challenges that confront us in this digital world, which is important to always keep in mind

So, if you work in the field of marketing, do not be afraid at all and take advantage to know everything that artificial intelligence can do for you to make your professional work in the field of marketing much better.

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