The robot dog that receives voice commands

Here, too, the technology imitates life. In this case, that of a pet. Xiaomi presented it this Tuesday. It is the robot dog that receives voice commands. It’s called “CyberDog”. It looks like an “inexpensive” version of the “Spot” robot from Boston Dynamics, the New York police dog. CyberDog is the first four-legged robot entirely developed by the Xiaomi brand. It doesn’t just respond to voice commands. He is also trained to do wheel strokes.

The robot dog that receives voice commands could be your next pet.
The robot dog that receives voice commands could be your next pet.
A semi-autonomous dog

According to Xiaomi, Cyberdog has a “pet-like nature”. It has the ability to respond to voice commands and follow its owner like a real dog. It can enhance its pet character. Users can command and control CyberDog with voice assistants. As? For example setting a wake-up word. Or simply use the remote control and the smartphone app.

Xiaomi claims that CyberDog has the ability to do wheel flicks. It has the power to move at speeds up to 3.2 m / s. And its weight is 3 kg. It also runs on Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier AI platform. It is the “brain” of the robot and is equipped with a number of cameras and sensors. Including several touch sensors. In addition, a GPS module, an ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens and depth detection.

You can navigate semi-autonomously. It has the ability to perceive, analyze and interact with its environment. In addition, the CyberDog robot has three Type-C connections and one HDMI connection. You can add and customize accessories.

Open source

The company emphasized the open source nature of the machine design. There will only be 1,000 units available. The company declares this goal. They want users to “drive the development and potential of four-legged robots”.

They will also start the “Xiaomi Open Source Community”. You will be constantly sharing progress and results with developers around the world. And soon they’ll be setting up a robotics laboratory. It will be a platform for engineers to continue their search for future innovations. The robot dog that receives voice commands will never replace a pet. But there is no denying, when you look at it, that it gives a certain tenderness.

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