The rolling screen smartphone

Time is cyclical and seems to turn. Now old papyrus scrolls serve as inspiration for cutting edge technology. A revolutionary smartphone can confirm this. It is a prototype from the Chinese company TCL. Images of his new project have been leaked: the smartphone with a roll-up screen. Yes, it rolls up like a sheet of paper … or papyrus.

The rolling screen smartphone was inspired by ancient papyri.
The rolling screen smartphone was inspired by ancient papyri.
Innovative concept

It was unveiled during the CES 2020 electronics show. TCL mentioned that it is working on the concept of a retractable phone that is extremely innovative in the smartphone market.

In a short video there are two prototypes that expand vertically and horizontally. The second is initially 4.5 inches in length. And it extends to 6.7 inches without adding to its thickness.

Flexible displays use OLED technology. According to the Chinese manufacturer, they can be used and folded 200,000 times. At the moment, however, it is not a production model. It’s more of an experiment that could compete with folding phones in the future.

Redesign in mind

High-tech companies want to reinvent the design of smartphones. Korean Samsung, which went even further in this crusade, has already released two generations of its foldable Galaxy Z Fold. In 2020, the Chinese Huawei with the Mate Xs and Motorola with the Razr also presented their concepts.

In this way, they try to solve the dilemma of a large screen – up to 7.6 inches in the “open” version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 – and save space. And the smartphone with a roll-up screen does this wonderfully.

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