The sectors that will grow the most in 2022


With 2022 just around the corner, instead of pulling out the marketer’s crystal ball, it’s always better to know first-hand which sectors and industries are going to grow the most to hit the bull’s eye with your B2B strategies or marketing for your industry.

Let’s take a good look at some of the most outstanding ones, in which the Increnta team has extensive experience helping you with your marketing and sales strategies to multiply results.

Booming sectors that you should not lose sight of

The last economic crises experienced (the one in 2008 and the one caused by Covid in 2020 ) have highlighted the great need to give a turn to the Spanish economy so that it depends, at least a little less, on sectors such as tourism and hospitality, in order for it to be more competitive and, therefore, a generator of employment. And in this sense there are some industries that have much to contribute.


According to experts, we have been in a phase of global economic expansion for some months now. However, and despite the fact that unemployment already seems to have recovered to levels prior to the health crisis, the energy sector is facing a major challenge in this regard75% of the energy we receive from other countries and, in addition, the cost of electricity as a percentage of income is over 8% (a figure higher than the rest of Europe).

On the other hand, there is an increasing awareness of the problems caused by climate change and, therefore, many of the jobs with the greatest future projection are those related to the “green jobs”.

According to the ILO, green jobs are those jobs that contribute to adapting to climate change, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing waste, and improving energy efficiency, such as could be the case for the renewable energy.


The development of the technology industry is constantly changing. The present is a time of transformation for the software industryi.e. for SaaS companies. This is an industry full of challenges due to the high competition of the sector in the market, which pushes them to make a commitment to attracting talentthe innovation constant and digital training of their Marketing and Sales teams. The ultimate goal is to correctly equip both professionals and end users with the use of technology, thus promoting the growth of any software company.


The agricultural sector, intimately intimately linked to foodWhy? Faced with the world of fast food, which is losing more and more followers, the most conscious users and foodies than ever, they value the high quality products and, for this reason, the raw material and the motto “from the field to the table” play a fundamental role.

The opportunities that online stores offer to develop new distribution and sales strategies that favour development.

In fact, it is a sector that generates employment and exports more and more from our country.

Among the activities of the agro-industrial sector with the greatest potential for business creation are ecological production and distribution that minimize environmental impact, specialization in high quality products, agricultural production that is committed to technology or aquaculture to promote the reproduction of molluscs, fish and algae in fresh or salt water.

It is also a growing trend genetics and biotechnology applied in both the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries.


Attracting qualified leads, or in other words, attracting students, in the training sector is the great challenge facing the training industry. Due to the high competitiveness of the market the sEO positioning improvement through quality content through personalized actions that reach potential users. And for this last step, the feedback between the Marketing team, in charge of lead acquisition, and the Sales Center department, in charge of closing the acquisition of the student and the establishment of the relationship with the client over time, is essential.


The consumer industry is one of the industries that is most encountering one of the major challenges of the last few years the hyper-connected userwhich, with the pandemic, has become even more digitized.

Consumer behavior has changed, and in that sense, ecommerce, social channels and new technologies, offer great opportunities to generate community around a brand and, ultimately, get conversions. Therefore, betting on a omnichannel marketing and sales strategy, which combines physical stores with ecommerce is key.

But, not only that, in this sector fully related to trade, new trends emerge to join to grow business, such as proximity commerce, Km 0 products, high specialization and recreational experiences.


One of the activities with the greatest potential to generate both business and employment is in the eco-design and bio-constructionas well as in the rehabilitation of dwellings as opposed to new construction projects.

This is something that makes sense if we look back at the increasingly sustainability-conscious mindset, the quest for a more eco-friendly lifestyle that generates less environmental impact and, consequently, the rise of “green jobs”, which we have mentioned in discussing other sectors.

Industry and engineering

In addition to the trend toward green that we have just discussed, there is a clear orientation towards the search for economic, social and technological sustainability and the importance of the personal care and quality of life. And this is something to which an undisputed sector of the future aspires, that of the smart-cities.

The truth is that today there are not too many companies dedicated to this type of activity, which in some ways is as closely related to industry and technology as it is to construction and other related sectors.

Therefore, smart-cities and all those initiatives focused on the development of human and environmental capital come stomping to stay and not stop growing. If you want to boost the presence of your technology company in the digital channel bet on a tailored marketing strategy with which to achieve all your goals.

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