The seven best image search engines on the internet

Images are a very important part of the content that is created on the Internet, as they not only perform a visual function, but, if properly configured, can also help improve a page’s SEO and improve positioning.

Image search engines allow users to search and find images for their content using color, size, and license filters.

With this in mind, when searching for photos for content, it is not enough to just take the first one found, it must be selected high quality images, good definition and that you have the right to share it, which is possible thanks to image search engines.

With this in mind, today there are many image search engines that make this work easier. These search engines allow users to find images using keywords and enter search filters to select images by size, color, or license. For those looking for sources for their images, here are some of the best search engines:

-Google Pictures: The image search engine is one of the most complete. With the implementation of the latest algorithm, the number of duplicate images displayed has also been reduced. Images has search filters, category labels, tools to find images by color, size, or rights, and the ability to do a reverse search, drag and drop the image into the search engine to find the source.

-Visual Pinterest Search Engine: A magnifying glass icon appears at the bottom right of each Pinterest pin. It is the platform’s visual search engine, and when you click on it, it will display images related to or similar to the selected image.

-Flickr: It is more than a search engine, it could be thought of as a repository as it is the users who upload the images to their accounts and are shared from there. On Flickr you can find many pictures that were created by photographers. It has tools for filtering images by color, size, and license.

-Picsearch: It’s a simpler image search engine because typing the keyword in the search will bring up largely related images. Despite its obvious simplicity, the search engine has tools to filter results by color, size, or license.

-Bing image search: Bing Image Search is an alternative to Google Images. One of the features of the Bing image search engine is the People option, which allows users to search for images of people by filtering by the type of photo: portrait, cartoon …

-New York Public Library Digital Collections: The New York Public Library has a collection of high-resolution images that are among the largest in the world. It is a perfect source to get old pictures as well as city maps, old letterpress …

– Yandex Image Search y Similar Images: The Russian search engine also has its own image search engine. It has filters and tools to select images by color, size, orientation, format and license. On the other hand, Similar Images allows you to search for images that are similar or related to a selected photo.

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