The snake named Harrison Ford

What are the criteria for naming newly discovered species? They are diverse. Sometimes, physical characteristics are used as a reference. Other times, homage is paid to the discoverer. And sometimes, a celebrity. This is the case of the snake named after Harrison Ford.

It all happened thanks to a team of researchers from the USA and Peru. They were the ones who baptized a new species of snake. Where was it found? It appeared in the highlands of the South American country. This was reported by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM). Scientists from this institution were involved in the discovery of the new species.

The snake baptized as Harrison Ford appeared in Peru.
The snake christened Harrison Ford appeared in Peru.

Peruvian highlands

“The new species has been named Tachymenoides Harrisonfordi. It was made as a tribute to the actor Harrison Ford. This animal is about 40 centimeters long. The snake was identified in the montane grasslands of the puna of Otishi National Park. [departamentos de Junín y Cusco]”. This was indicated by UNMSM and the scientists who participated, in a communiqué.

Otishi National Park is located at 3,248 meters above sea level. When did the discovery occur? It took place on May 22 last year during an investigation of the biology of the site. The snake was named Harrison Ford by decision of the researchers, but it is not a coincidence. What was the reason for this tribute? They did it in recognition of his work for the environmental organization Conservation International. They also celebrated the fact that he “lent his voice in favor of nature”.

The tribute was due to the activist work of the celebrated actor.
The tribute is due to the activist work of the celebrated actor.

Colorful snake

The university stated some characteristics of the snake. It has “a pale yellowish-brown background coloration with scattered black spots. Its belly is black and the iris is copper-colored with a vertical stripe.”

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