The snake with the skin that glows

The snake, that animal with such a bad reputation. It could be assumed that there is no longer any way to find new species. Well it doesn’t. In Vietnam they discovered a new species of snake with surprising properties. It’s about the serpent with the skin that glows, and that’s not the only unusual thing.

The glowing-skinned snake has never been seen
The glowing-skinned snake has never been seen

The scientists found very interesting features. First, the reptile is known for its shiny skin with an iridescent color. Second, it has a strange kind of scales. It was found by a team from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (USA). They did this in collaboration with Vietnamese scientists. This species is dark in color and has small, striped scales. He was found in the north of the Asian country in the Ha Giang province in a lowland region surrounded by forest. The scientific article recording the discovery was published in BioOne magazine.

Scientists don’t yet have data on the snake’s behavior, diet, and microhabitat. In their study, they indicate that it is a semi-Phosorian species that has been forced to the surface by recent rains. The lack of light-light photoreceptors in this reptile’s eyes suggests that it might be hiding underground. Maybe it’s drifting under the rubble of the forest, the team claims.

One of the distinctive features of this snake is that its back is blackish and purple. At the same time, its lower part has a dark brown color. Unlike other species of snake, whose skin is completely hidden beneath its scales, the skin between the scales is exposed.

Apparently the snake only moves underground.
Apparently the snake only moves underground.
Endemic species

How did the researchers find the snake with the glowing skin? It happened while they were doing a herpetology study in the Bac Me district. Then they discovered that it was a new species, which they identified as Achalinus zugorum. According to one analysis, it is a rare genus of burrowing snakes. This name was chosen in honor of the famous American Conservative George Zug and his wife Patricia Zug.

They are a fascinating group of strange snakes because of their unique scutellation. They are common all over East Asia. It is currently known that North Vietnam is home to six Achalinus species, three of which are considered endemic.

Reptile lovers would be fascinated to see this great specimen. Are there ever more snakes underground? You never know.

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