The solar engine created by a retiree

Solar panels are a reality that allows to have clean and sustainable energy. If they are in a house, solar energy allows you to say goodbye to the electricity bill. These reasons are more than enough for many people to put their inventiveness to take advantage of this source of free energy provided by the sun. A French retiree created an autonomous solar engine that can run for 25 years without maintenance.

solar engine

Invented a solar engine with great power

Alain Coty is the retired creator of the solar engine, which he named SAUREA. He is 83 years old and is an electronic engineer now retired from professional activity.

In 2008, Coty revolutionized the landscape by producing a solar engine with dazzling power, far surpassing its competitors at the time. After 15 years of hard work, he gave birth to his own company, where he tirelessly perfected his invention.

Today, his latest creation has already multiplied in more than 100 units manufactured, which were distributed in various parts of the world. It reached countries in Oceania, Asia, America and Africa.

The engine offers a solution for areas without access to the conventional electrical grid, the only requirement being to be in an area where sunny days are in the majority. Its applications are diverse: from pumping water to driving ventilation turbines and small agricultural tools. To operate, all that is required is a photovoltaic panel capable of capturing sunlight and converting it into electrical energy. This energy, in turn, powers the electromagnetic coils of the motor, providing the necessary power for the devices connected to it.

Advantages of this solar engine

The SAUREA motor has many important advantages, in addition to its low cost. There are no parts in its assembly that can wear out due to use. For this reason, the useful life can reach 25 or 30 years and it does not require any type of maintenance. It must be taken into account that conventional motors, even new ones, can break down after only months of use.

The device was first tested in Malta, Africa. There it was necessary to pump water for irrigation in the crops of a community where all were women. It was a success and proved that the SAUREA can be a low-cost solution for low-income communities where it is not possible to bring electricity.

In the women’s community in Malta, the engine pumped 14 cubic meters of water daily, from a depth of 8 meters. The irrigation system is drip irrigation for a one-hectare field.

The Coty engine is highly versatile and efficient, as it can supply drinking water to a community of approximately 600 people. However, its true value lies in its wide range of applications. This engine can be used for ventilation and air extraction in homes, warehouses and industries, as well as for refrigeration of medicines, water filtration and in the aeronautical industry.

Its versatility and adaptability make it a highly effective and multifunctional solution. In addition, the invention produces clean and cheap energy, which favors the reduction of global warming.

Preliminary tests of the new solar engine were extremely promising. As such, Coty is currently looking for investors with the aim of manufacturing the engine on a large scale, making it available wherever it is needed.

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