The Soyuz with the android 'Fedor' manages to engage in its second attempt to the Space Station

The Soyuz MS-14 ship with the first Russian space android, called Skybot F-850 or ‘Fedor’, which took off on August 22 from the Baikonur space base (Kazakhstan), has managed to connect to the International Space Station (ISS).

«Coupling confirmed», a member of the Russian Space Flight Control Center has announced, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

This is the second attempt of coupling, after this Saturday the maneuver was suspended when the ship was at a distance of 99 meters from the IEE, after which it began to move away at a safe distance.

According to RIA Novosti sources, the failed coupling se due to a failure of the automatic approach system and Russian hitch Kurs.

The ship has transported «670 kilos of cargo: scientific and medical equipment, components for the life support system, as well as containers with food, medicines and personal hygiene products for crew members», according to a statement from the internet portal of Roscosmos.

The robot, with a silver anthropomorphic body, measures 1.80 meters and weighs 160 kilos. ‘Fedor’ corresponds to a Russian name and also the acronym for «Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research«.

The android has accounts on the social networks Instagram and Twitter, in which his daily life and his feats are narrated, such as learning to open a bottle of water.

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