The squid that hatches giant eggs

Who found it? They were underwater robots, in the Gulf of California. It is an unknown species. Their eggs are twice as large as those of other deep-sea squid. The squid that hatches giant eggs is on video.

A team of researchers from the University of South Florida studied it. It would represent an unknown species of the Gonatidae family. Their eggs can take between one and four years to develop. It is more than the entire life cycle of shallow-water squid. The researchers shared their findings in the journal Ecology.

The squid that hatches giant eggs is an unknown species, and now it's on video.
The squid that hatches giant eggs is an unknown species, and now it’s on video.

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«Squid play an important role in the ocean. They are fierce predators and a vital source of food for many animals and humans. “But we still have a lot to learn about deep-sea squid.” Henk-Jan Hoving, who heads the biology working group, said this in a statement.

The researchers were the first to observe rearing behavior in a deep-sea squid. During more than 37 years of deep-sea exploration, they recorded 17 observations of breeding squid. But the squid observed in the Gulf of California stood out to the researchers.

«The deep sea is the largest living space on Earth and there is still much to discover. Our unexpected encounter with the squid that hatches giant eggs caught everyone’s attention. “Animals adapt to the unique challenges of living in the deep.”

size issue

The size of the eggs of this squid is almost 12 millimeters in diameter. Previously, only a maximum diameter of up to six millimeters was seen.

Deep-sea squid play a vital role in oceanic food webs. They are predators that feed on fish and invertebrates in intermediate waters. In turn, they are eaten by large fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and sea birds. Deep-sea squid make up a large part of the diets of commercially important fish. Among these, tunas, swordfish and billfish.

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