The streaming theater reaches the entire public

Covid 19 forced billions of people around the world to stay in their homes for long. He has imposed new customs that are sure to endure when the pandemic ends. Until then, streaming platforms brought the cinema closer to the living room. Much free time that was available during the confinement opened up further possibilities for these platforms. How is streaming theater

Streaming theater

Streaming theaters and other shows come on during the pandemic

The theater is one of the activities that was without work. The lack of a vaccine prevents exhibition halls from opening their doors as it is not yet available. Both the plays and the opera as well as the concerts and concerts had to cancel an entire repertoire of planned shows due to the pandemic.

Social isolation

Streaming platforms have spread around the world. This way, you can enjoy all kinds of shows. There is something for everybody. Streaming theater is already a fact. It’s great to be able to see a fair bit of the same sofa in our living room.

Culture and the arts are among the movements most affected by social isolation due to distancing. Streaming allows writers, actors, and anyone else who works on these shows to show what they can do.

The singers took the first steps by bringing their songs to people to entertain them. As the time in the household increased, the supply increased. Concerts, concerts, plays and operas are available in digital form and are becoming a cultural vehicle.

What can you see when you sit on the couch in the living room?

From March until today the streaming offers have multiplied. Much of the works broadcast by Zoom are free, while others cost little, less than a ticket to the theater. With the payment of a single voucher, the whole family can enjoy the piece without leaving home.

The world of streaming is no longer just one of the platforms that bring us TV series or films. Theater and live music shows are preserved even after vaccination. Some shows that were streamed sold more than 30,000 tickets, which is an incentive to keep going. Not only do they carry their art through live entertainment, but they also allow artists to earn income while the venues are closed.

Watch streaming games

This is how the Royal Opera House, La Scala in Milan and the Broadway shows came to the living room of our houses. In each country, numerous plays stream their shows to the delight of the audience. Culture and art go hand in hand with technology at a time when normality is still a long way off. It’s the best way to say the show has to go on.

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