The submarine of the future

If you’ve read Verne you will know that he was a visionary. The French writer described submarines, among other things, before they existed. No wonder that a French company is now presenting the submarine of the future: an electric submarine.

The submarine of the future is electric and will have all kinds of artificial intelligence.
The submarine of the future is electric and will have all kinds of artificial intelligence.
Based on nature

The French company Naval Group presented an electric submarine that was christened the SMX31. It could revolutionize underwater navigation.

The concept itself was presented in 2018. It wasn’t until October 27 that the company revealed the specifics of the advanced submarine in detail.

This was explained by the company’s marketing director, Stephan Meunier, in a video presentation. The dive boat has a biomimetic design that is inspired by nature. And thanks to a special engine, the SMX31 can stay under water for up to 40 days. The submarine is expected to have a displacement of around 3,200 tons. It would be about 80 meters long.

The submarine will also be armed in accordance with current requirements. Weapons include cruise missiles, F21 torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and various drone systems.

The submarine only needs to have a crew of 15 sailors. According to the executive, the revolutionary design of the submarine will change the life of its crew and achieve a performance that is unattainable today.

According to Meunier, the SMX31 will also be a stealth submarine, which is very difficult to spot. As is already in fashion, the submarine of the future will have a large number of sensors that are monitored by artificial intelligence.

Verne would be amazed at how far the human imagination has traveled. Or maybe not. After all, it was Verne.

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