The subway cathedral of Damanhur

In the Italian Alps, 40 kilometers from Turin, is the largest subway cathedral in the world. It is located in the heart of the Valchiusella valley, in the municipality of Vidracco, where only about 500 people live. For its striking beauty, the subway cathedral of Damanhur is considered the eighth wonder of the world, although it is not possible to see it with the naked eye.

Subway Cathedral of Damanhur The city of Damanhur

The secret city of Damanhur is excavated in the heart of the mountain. It reaches a depth of 70 meters spread over five levels. The great work has 850,000 cubic meters. It is recognized as “The temples of humanity”. A marvel that combines colors and lights with art. It is formed by winding passages and corridors that lead to 9 large rooms profusely decorated. There you can see sculptures, mosaics and paintings.

It was 1979 when a community of 28 people arrived in the Italian Alps. They started at night an excavation in the mountain in the most absolute secrecy. They had a project, to build the largest subway temple in the world. It is a grandiose work with nine temples. Each of them is a large hall that is interconnected with the others by kilometers of tunnels.

The temples are arranged as if they were a large three-dimensional book. It shows a journey that tells the story of humanity. It is an ecovillage and at the same time, a spiritual community. It was named Damanhur, after an ancient Egyptian subway temple dedicated to the god Horus. Damanhur means “City of Light”.

The subway cathedral of Damanhur includes art of all styles.

Falco Tarassacose

Oberto Airaudi, changed his name to Falco Tarassacose and was responsible for the idea and creation of the city. Professor of Sociology of Religion at the University of Turin, Stefania Palisaro, recounts that his disciples considered Falco to be an “extraordinary creature.” They saw him as a person who “traveled through time in a magical adventure to save the earth and its inhabitants.” For those who profess “Damanhurianism,” time travel is possible through “travel booths.” Although only those who reach the highest level of enlightenment can do so.

In the month of July 1992, when most of the subway cathedral of Damanhur was completed, a prosecutor came to the site. He wanted to see the construction and if he did not get permission they would dynamite the large construction. Falco gave in to the prosecutor and his men and granted permission. The visitors were fascinated by what they could see. After touring the nine excavated chambers they were moved to tears.

In 1996 the Damanhurians received legal authorization to maintain their temple, although they could not continue with the excavation, i.e. it was impossible to enlarge it. At present, aA humble wooden door is the access to Damanhur. No one passing by can imagine that the subway cathedral of Damanhur is behind that door.

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