The tallest wooden skyscraper in the world will be in Australia

In Australia there is a project to build the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world. It will be 191.2 meters high and will be built with 42% of its structure in wood. Its builders indicate that with this type of construction the use of concrete is reduced and the building will be “carbon negative.”

wooden skyscraper

They plan a wooden skyscraper that will be the tallest of its kind in the world

Of course it will not be as tall as the Burj Khalifa, although the planned building to be called C6 will be unique in the world. Not only because of its height, but also because of the details of its construction.

Its structure will be mostly made of wood, however, in the main supporting parts, it will have a hybrid combination of steel, concrete, brick and glass.

The project began more than a year ago to build the skyscraper in the city of Perth. The initial project allowed the tower to be erected with 7,400 cubic meters of wood, that is, 42% of the building, which would reach a height of 183 meters.

Currently, the project has had some modifications; However, it has already obtained authorization to begin construction. According to The Guardian, CNN and Archinect, which spread the news, it will have a height of 191.2 meters. In other words, it will be the tallest of its kind.

The heart of the wooden skyscraper will be made of steel and concrete

Due to the mix of materials in its construction, it will be hybrid in nature. The support columns and their core will be made of concrete and will have a steel skeleton. The rest of the construction, which is equivalent to 42%, will be made of wood.

They will use different types of wood that will be destined for different sectors of the building. The construction company Fraser and Partners calculates that by using different types of wood they will save 45% of concrete.

The wood will be used for support beams, panels, studs and interior and exterior cladding of the tower.

According to the director of the construction company, architect Reade Dixon, the building will house 200 apartments, each with four rooms. Its distribution will be spread over 50 floors and will have a huge roof terrace. Likewise, residents will also be able to access a fleet of 80 Tesla electric vehicles.

They assure that it is a futuristic construction

The project developers indicate that the use of wood in the construction of skyscrapers is part of the future. Not only because this type of construction does not have carbon emissions, but the wood used in its construction can be recovered by planting just about 580 pine seeds. As its architects say, concrete cannot be planted.

In the world, it is not the first building of this type of structure. In Wisconsin, United States, stands the Ascent, a tower that houses apartments with a height of 86.6 meters. To this day, it still holds the title of the largest wooden building in the world. Like the Australian design, the Wisconsin one is also with concrete and steel columns and core.

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