The three stone whales

In Thailand there is a rock formation in the shape of three whales swimming in the middle of the forest. Its name is Hin Sam Wan which in English means “the rocks of the three whales”, although they are better known by their English translation Three Whales Rocks. The Three Whales Rocks is a curious rock formation that is 75 million years old and is located in the Thai mountains of Pau Singha, Bueng Kan province.

The three stone whales
Three whale stones. Bird eye view Photo of three whales rock in Thailand – Thejerker
How to get to the three whales rocks.

Access to them is not easy, you have to walk extensive trails, although this hike is memorable for the surroundings and an unforgettable experience. The two largest rocks, which the Thais call the father whale and the mother whale, are the ones that are accessible to the public. The so-called baby whale is inaccessible. From the top of the two rocks, you can see the Mekong River, the Pakkading Mountains in neighboring Laos, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding forests.

Bueng Kan province is located in the northwest of Thailand, about 750 kilometers from its capital, Bangkok. There, the Mekong River marks the boundary between this country and Laos. This natural corner contains one of the most beautiful landscapes of Thailand.

Some characteristics of these rock formations

The three “stone whales” are sandstone formations that extend from north to south. Their formation is due to different geological changes that occurred in the earth’s crust. These geological changes also left beautiful cliffs, caves, rocks of different shapes and rock terraces in the same area.

All of these can be found in the protected nature reserve of Phu Sang National Park. Within the park, you can also find waterfalls and hot springs. The park has 9 hiking trails, although there are certain dangers in the park. It is allowed to climb the stone whales, although the cliff has no defenses and you have to walk very carefully to avoid falling.

In the same natural park there is another animal-shaped attraction, the Elephant Rock. It is a rock formation that resembles the head of an elephant. Phu Sang National Park covers about 285 square kilometers. It is located in the mountains of the Phi Pan Nam range, which marks another border of Thailand with Laos along the Mekong River.

The park also features caves with amazing stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed for several centuries and a hot waterfall (Namtok Wang Kaew).

The government of Thailand adapted the national park to include international Ecotourism standards, so all its areas are protected.

Every year, about 34 million tourists tour this park. One of the most exciting moments for visitors is watching the sunset from the backs of the stone whales.

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