The tunnel hidden under the pyramid

Hundreds of adventurers and archaeologists alike have flocked to the ancient, mysterious pyramid for centuries, captivated by the secrets it holds. And yet, still, few of them are aware of what truly lies beneath — a hidden tunnel stretching the depths of the pyramid. To the surprise of many, this tunnel has been overlooked for years. However, rumors of this hidden passageway have traveled far, and the knowledge of its existence has evolved over time into a surreal legend.

Everything has been said about the pyramids of Egypt, has everything really been said? No, there are still secrets. And they continue to be revealed to this day. For example, the tunnel hidden under the pyramid of Cheops. It was discovered by a group of scientists. It is a passageway nine meters long and two meters wide.

It is hidden in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. It was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Thursday. The team of experts has been analyzing the interior of the pyramid since 2015. They are now using state-of-the-art technologies that allow them to see through the structures. With this, they were able to detect the tunnel hidden under the Pyramid of Cheops.

The tunnel hidden under the pyramid of Cheops is enormous.
The tunnel hidden under the pyramid of Cheops is huge.

Secret tunnel

The discovery was made thanks to the ScanPyramids project. It is an international scientific mission. They study the interior of the pyramids without the need for excavations. French, German, Canadian and Japanese universities collaborated in this project. A group of Egyptian experts joined in.

The tunnel has a triangular ceiling. It was “discovered on the north face of the Great Pyramid of King Cheops.”declared the Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Issa, in Giza. It is the plateau where the mausoleum built more than 4,500 years ago is located.

Archaeologist Zahi Hawass heads the scientific committee that oversaw the project. He says it is quite possible that the tunnel protects something. “In my opinion, it protects the actual burial chamber of King Cheops.”. This archaeologist was also a former minister of antiquities of the country.

This pyramid still hides many secrets underneath it.
This pyramid still hides many secrets beneath it.

Wonder of the world

The Pyramid of Cheops is the largest of the three pyramids of Giza. And it is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing. It is 139 meters high and 230 meters wide. It stands on the Giza plateau next to the Sphinx and the pyramids of Chephren and Mykerinos.

In 2017, ScanPyramida scientists had revealed the presence of an immense hole in the pyramid. It was the size of an airliner. What else will we find in the future?

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