The two moons in the sky of Dubai

Imagine walking very quietly down the street at night. Suddenly you look at the night sky, the sky you know so well. But something strange happened. What the hell is that? Are two UFOs glowing in the dark? Is an alien invasion coming? It seems excessive. But that is exactly what those who saw the two moons in the sky of Dubai wondered.

The two moons in the sky over Dubai impressed everyone who passed by.
The two moons in the sky over Dubai impressed everyone who passed by.
Alien Invasion?

They were two round planet-like objects and they appeared in the sky over Dubai. Of course, they impressed the residents of the city and gave rise to many theories about their origins. Comments ranged from the arrival of the Apocalypse to conspiracy theories. However, the explanation is more realistic. And it has to do with the vision this country has for its future space conquests. In short, they just brag.

The mystery was solved on February 9, when the Arab spaceship Al Amal reached orbit around Mars. It turned out that the two objects were projections of Phobos and Deimos. They are the two little moons that revolve around the red planet. The projections in the sky of Dubai were made with two huge screens of 100 meters and one of 40. The United Arab Emirates government explained the reasons why they were holding the exhibition. They wanted to illustrate the view that opens from Mars to its two satellites. There is no doubt that this fact marks a milestone in its history. It puts you in an expectant position in the planetary race.


The representative of the UAE Government Media Office is Khaled Alshehhi. He told the press that the mission to Mars was one of the country’s most daring space initiatives. And to illustrate it, it was decided to place the two moons in the sky of Dubai. It is clear that they are used to excesses.

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