The unknown tribe of Siberia

The traces were found by archaeologists from the Siberian Federal University (SFU). They are cultural monuments of ancient tribes. They inhabited the northern territories of Russia, and nothing was known about them. The unknown tribe of Siberia left important traces.

There are remains of homes and production places used for blacksmithing. Also fragments of ceramic plates with specific ornamentation. Jewelry was found (clay buttons, beads, as well as a glass bead with gold foil). It was the result of the expedition of students and staff of the university.

The unknown tribe of Siberia had highly finished tools.
The unknown tribe of Siberia left behind fragments of numerous utensils.

unknown settlers

«This part of the monument dates back to the 3rd-4th centuries AD. The great migration of peoples had already practically ended. In the distance complexes of much older origin were found. They are from the 6th-3rd centuries BC. They were probably left by other previous settlers of these places,” declared Ksenia Biruliova. She is a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Archeology of the Siberian Yenisei River Basin.

The specialists worked in the valley of the small tributaries of the Angará River, in the middle course of the Usolka River. It is near the city of Kansk. At its center was a hearth for heating and cooking. Iron arrowheads and fragments of clay vessels were also found near the house. The remains of another large chimney were also identified.

But finding out who the inhabitants of the house were, most likely will not be possible. Funeral rites, common in the 3rd-4th centuries AD in the territory of the Siberian Yenisei River basin, involved cremation. Unburned bone fragments are very rare. Anthropologists can only guess what these settlers were like and what ethnic group they belonged to.

Among other things, arrowheads were found.
Among other things, arrowheads were found.


«In addition to utilitarian objects, the inhabitants of this culture used various combs to braid their hair and wore beads. There is no doubt that they kept their homes clean. We have not found bones of animals whose meat was used as food. Most likely, they burned all the waste,” Biriuliova added.

The unknown tribe of Siberia will be investigated in more detail. The main trade of the ancient Siberians of this period was, obviously, blacksmithing. Multiple fragments of hammers and other tools were found in the excavation.

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