The utopian city project

It has been brewing in secret for years. He raises the suspicions of neighbors and authorities, incubating speculation. He even gives vent to conspiracy theories. The utopian city project has only just come to light now. The true intention of a gigantic purchase of land in an agricultural area of ​​northern California is now known.

There, a powerful group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs wants to build a city from scratch. An idyllic city. Traffic-free streets where adults can go running and children can ride their bikes. Green areas and restaurants with terraces, surrounded by meadows, forests and lakes. Accessible housing, sufficient employment for its inhabitants and in a way that respects the environment.

The utopian city project was developed in secret for a long time in California.
The utopian city project was developed in secret for a long time in California.

secret shopping

This is an initiative of Jan Sramek, former operator of the investment banking megagroup Goldman Sachs. Many big millionaires joined the project. For example, the widow of Steve Jobs, and many CEOs and founders of technology empires.

None of this was known until the American media The New York Times uncovered the matter. Only one company, Flannery Associates, was known to slowly purchase some 20,000 acres of farmland between Fairfield and Rio Vista. This is half of the land in the area. They offered up to five times the value of each piece of land.

It was not known who was behind it. There was speculation about Chinese investments, a theme park, etc. Now that the project is known, it generates divided opinions. Some congressmen consider that the handling of the purchase was unethical, others support the project. Others believe that the group’s true purpose is to “create a city for the elite” under the pretext of building more housing.

Numerous very high-profile millionaires participate in the project.
Numerous very high-profile millionaires participate in the project.

Impact on the city

The construction will have a direct and large impact on Río Vista. For this reason, the residents discuss the changes it will cause. From increased traffic to better job opportunities.

Only time will tell if the supposedly perfect city dreamed up by the titans of Silicon Valley becomes such. But the utopian city project could follow the path of other frustrated initiatives. In 2013, Google co-founder Larry Page proposed creating a utopian high-tech city with minimal regulation.

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