The Vatican City and its attractions for believers and tourists

The Vatican City is located in the center of Rome and is the smallest state in Europe. It has less than 1,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​only 44 hectares. Its history is directly related to Rome. However, since 1929 it has written itself as an independent state.

Vatican city
St. Peter’s Square

In the 4th century, on the orders of Constantine, the first St. Peter’s Basilica was built, which lasted for a thousand years. The renaissance popes ordered it to be destroyed and began building what is now the basilica. This lasted 160 years. It was not until 1450 that they built the apartments for the Pope on duty. Vatican City receives over one million visitors annually and it is important that they know all of the attractions that they can visit.

St. Peter’s Basilica

It is the largest church in the world, 23,000 square meters and has an incredible dome. Inside, the priceless artistic value that stands out stands out. There are numerous works of art, among which “La Piedad de Miguel Angel” made of Carrara marble stands out. The basilica was built on the tomb of Saint Peter and therefore there is a statue of the apostle below. This statue has one of the feet that is carried when millions of caresses are received from visitors.

Vatican city
St. Peter’s Basilica

The dome of the basilica deserves a special mention and is one of the most popular visits by tourists. It is 92 meters high and can be climbed. From above you can see the Vatican City in 360 degrees. It was designed by Miguel Angel and was a model for the dome of the United States Capitol.

The basilica dominates St. Peter’s Square. Website that impresses with its beauty and also with its size. It has 284 Doric columns built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. On some columns there are 140 statues of saints over three meters high. In the middle of the square you will see an obelisk. There are also other attractions that will surprise you.

The Vatican Museums

They are very close to the basilica and house valuable works of art. Tourists can visit the Egyptian Museum, an art gallery with priceless treasures, as well as the Raphael Rooms. The most famous treasure of the Vatican Museums, however, is the Sistine Chapel.

Vatican city
Vatican Museums
Vatican gardens

They are the place of reflection and rest for the Pope on duty. He is the one who chooses the landscaping of the gardens. Finally, you can see statues, water fountains, and also a piece of the Berlin Wall. It also has a collection of botanical species, including specimens from around the world.

Sistine Chapel

It was built between 1473 and 1481 and its value lies in the frescoes that adorn its walls and ceilings. Miguel Angel painted nine Genesis stories there and it took four years to do so. It also includes artwork by other artists such as Botticelli.

Sistine Chapel
Vatican grottoes

It is a three meter high frescoed crypt located below St. Peter’s Basilica. There are graves and headstones of 20 popes and two women who were queens. Below the Vatican Grottoes is the necropolis or the tomb of Peter, just below the papal altar of the basilica. There are also graves of other popes.

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