The vegetable that lowers blood sugar

It is known that having high sugar in the body is bad for health. There are medications that combat this ailment. But there is a very effective natural remedy that also works. What is the vegetable that lowers blood sugar? Celery. Two hours after its consumption, the change is noticeable.

According to a study, celery is the vegetable that lowers blood sugar.
According to a study, celery is the vegetable that lowers blood sugar.

Testing the blood

This study is in the journal Saudi Medical Journal. It explains that consuming celery has an impact on blood sugar levels. Celery leaf extract was evaluated. The tests were with elderly prediabetics; it was done at the Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia.

Sixteen elderly prediabetics over 60 years of age participated. Six were men and 10 were women. They were randomly divided into two groups. One received placebo and the other a celery treatment.

The change was remarkable. There was a “significant decrease” in glucose levels. They were reduced by 19.5 percent after treatment in the celery group. The measurements were made in postprandial plasma. It measures blood glucose levels after a carbohydrate meal. A blood test is taken two hours after ingesting the glucose.

It's time to incorporate celery into our diets.
It’s time to incorporate celery into our diets.

Change in diet

Celery was “effective” in lowering blood glucose levels, researchers concluded. The glycemic index (GI) shows how fast each food affects the blood sugar level. Carbohydrates have a high GI, among others. For example, white bread, potatoes or sugary soft drinks.

Low or medium GI foods break down more slowly. They cause a gradual rise in blood sugar levels. They include some fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole-grain foods.

Vegetables that lower blood sugar are an important dietary choice. Especially, if one has suspicions of having type 2 diabetes. Some of its symptoms are blurred vision, wounds that take time to heal, feeling very thirsty and others.

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