There are already more than 4,623 million social network users in the world

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The total number of social network users worldwide has grown by 10.1% in just one year. According to the Digital Report prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social, with data for January 2022, the total number of users of social platforms on the planet is more than 4,623 million people.

The number of social network users globally has grown by 10.1% in just one year

This represents almost 60% of the total world population and although the percentage of growth is relatively lower than a year ago – when it reached a 13.2% increase, mainly motivated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the confinement experienced by a large part of the population – it means that a double-digit percentage increase is maintained.

As recently as 10 years ago, as the report shows, there were 1.482 billion people actively using social networks. An active social network user is considered an active social network user when he or she performs some activity on a social network at least once every 30 days.

Social Network Users

How much time is spent on Social Media apps

The report also provides many other relevant data. For example, reference is made to the most used social networks in the world and also to the time spent on Social Media mobile applications.

In this case, the social media app in which users spend the most time globally is YouTube, in which 23.7 hours per month are spent. In second place is Facebook, an app in which an average of 19.6 hours per month is spent, the same time spent by TikTok users.

In WhatsApp, curiously, less time is spent monthly, reaching an average of 18.6 hours per month, although it is much more than what is spent on Instagram, where users spend 11.2 hours per month. As a curiosity, on Twitter the average monthly time is 5.1 hours.

Social Networking Time

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