There are many species of homosexual animals

Many people claim that homosexuality is a human choice and does not exist in nature. Nothing could be more inaccurate, there are many homosexual animals in nature. Scientists claim that there are more than 450 species in which large numbers of people practice homosexuality.

Homosexuality is also practiced among giraffes, elephants and lions

Giraffes have more sexual activity between people of the same sex than they do with their opponent. Studies have shown that 90% of sexual activity among giraffes is homosexual. Males of these species know how to stroke other males’ necks and have relationships that last up to hours.

homosexual animals

Both African and Asian elephants have sex between men whose encounters resemble heterosexuals. Affective ties, caresses, and copulations are common among men in this society, which is also matriarchal.

Leo also has homosexual relationships, both between men and women. When two or more men share territory, they work together to woo the women. To ensure loyalty to one another, they work together to strengthen mutual bonds.

Different species of monkeys also practice it

Bonobos are a species of monkey whose society is matriarchal, which is not common with monkeys. This favors lesbianism in women of this type, although men also practice bisexuality. Sexual activity between one or more females can reach 60% of specimens of this species.

There are monkeys that are homosexual animals

Macaques are a rarity, men and women systematically practice homosexuality. The odd thing is that the women are monogamous and form a couple that lasts their entire existence. On the other hand, men only have homosexual relationships at night without forming a couple forever.

There are also homosexual animals in the oceans and in the air

Bottlenose dolphins also have homosexual preferences, both among men and women. This species also practices oral sex to stimulate people of the same sex. Often they wait for women to be receptive and maintain relationships between men that form large groups of individuals.

There is also homosexuality in the oceans

The Lyson albatross, which nests in Hawaii, also makes homosexual couples. It has been found that more than 30% of the nests are made up of female pairs. In this case, the species is monogamous, they mate with individuals of the same sex for life.

Homosexuality and sex in wild animals

Homosexuality has been identified in more than 450 species of animals, and for various reasons they are not common. Opening up to a more inclusive society requires people to know that these preferences have always existed in nature and to banish the idea that there are no homosexual animals.

Scientists say that sexual activity serves three functions in animals. The conservation of the species through reproducing, providing and receiving pleasure. They also have sex to strengthen bonds between specimens of the same species.

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