These 31 new emojis await approval by 2023

new emojis 2023

The approval process of a new emoji is something that takes time, possibly much more than you thought. And is that in approving a new emoji so that you can use it in your cell phone, Emojipedia -the organism that is in charge of its management- can easily take two years… and not all the proposed designs are approved.

Emojipedia has unveiled the 31 preliminary emojis that could be approved by 2023

Let’s remember, for example, what it cost to be admitted the emoji of the paella, campaign in social networks by means of. Well, Emojipedia already has ready a new series of possible new emojis that could arrive to cell phones around the world in 2023.

It will be this month of September when Emojipedia approves or not some or all of these 31 new proposed emojis. In the list can be seen a pink heart, two hands pushing, or a face in movement, among others.

In this image can be seen how these 31 new emojis look like. It is a preliminary design, which could change once approved, or suffer small differences when they are adapted to the different mobile operating systems or to the different social networks or instant messaging applications. Anyway, it will surely satisfy your curiosity to know how will be these new emojis that could arrive in 2023 to make communication easier.

emojis for 2023

Although Emojipedia points out that these designs are preliminary, and until the final version Emoji 15.0 is not released, which will take place next year, they could undergo changes, the truth is that traditionally the variations included in the designs year after year are minimal.

Emojimedia has also confirmed that in recent months they have been working closely with WhatsApp to help the instant messaging application in expanding the reactions with which you can respond to a message.

As of yesterday, WhatsApp’s more than 2 billion users worldwide can now react to any message using any available emoji. In 2023 they will also be able to do it with the new designs that will be tested among these 31 proposed.

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