These are the three UFO videos that the Pentagon has released

Is there life beyond Earth? This is one of the greatest unknowns of humanity, but the truth is that there is no reliable evidence to reveal its existence. To shed some light, or not, on this issue, the Pentagon has released three videos showing "unidentified flying phenomena."

These short videos, which belong to the Navy, have been circulating around the network without authorization since 2007, reason why the Department of Defense of the United States has wanted to publish them in an official way and recognize that they show "unidentified flying phenomena".

As seen in the images, the videos show how some species of aircraft they move at high speed while infrared cameras record them. One of them was recorded in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015.

The Navy has recognized that they were never able to recognize the provenance of those strange ships. In fact, on the recordings themselves you can hear to the Pentagon staff reacting with much amazement to what his eyes saw by the speed of his movements.

The Navy has released a statement to explain why they have decided to post the videos now. The military acknowledge that they were already in the public domain so, "After a thorough review"They decided to publish them because "they do not reveal sensitive capabilities or systems and do not affect subsequent investigations of incursions into military airspace of unidentified flying phenomena."

Likewise, the Pentagon has specified that the publication of the videos also serves to "Clear up any misconceptions" on whether the footage that has been circulating was real or not or if there are more images in the videos.

The Navy has seen UFOs

Last October the US Navy already recognized the existence of UFOs. The military revealed that the Videos published by The New York Times They showed unidentified flying objects and they are just the same videos that today they make public themselves.

There is more data, as a report from the Pentagon explained that the Navy pilots had claimed that these flying objects they were made invisible by being close to warplanes. They said it was an elongated egg-shaped ship.

Now, from there to affirm that they are extraterrestrial there is a stretch, because this affirmation has not yet come from any person in charge who has seen such UFOs. Is not the first time these objects are seen flying on the coasts of the United States and have been closely followed since 2015.

These objects suddenly appeared at over 24,000 meters and later they rushed towards the sea. Although the Pentagon wanted to keep these flying objects secret, they later thought it better to make it known.

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