They invent a fabric that lowers body temperature

The invention of an innovative fabric that lowers body temperature is welcome. The continuing warming of our planet is an irreversible fact if urgent action is not taken. While we are waiting for leaders to raise awareness, we need to be resilient and adapt to climate change.

Substance that lowers the temperature

An invention that enables us to stay fresher

Any new news of scientific advances to alleviate rising temperatures is welcome. This is the case with the development of a new tissue that enables the body to cool differently without technological aids.

This was announced by the professor at Huazhong University of Technology and Science, Shaoning Zeng. The Chinese scientist has published a document describing a woven meta that lowers the wearer’s body temperature by 5 ° C. The developed tissue does not support cables, motors or other elements and lowers the body temperature.

This is achieved through its ability to reflect both ultraviolet and infrared light. As a result, our bodies fail to absorb the heat from the environment we are in and manage to stay cool. They called the new fabric Personal Thermal Management, or PTM. The innovative fabric is made from sheets of titanium polylactic acid oxide. To do this, they add a film made of polytetrafluoroethylene.

They call the tissue that lowers the temperature PTM

While it is easier to call PTM, it is important that the test passed and did its job. To prove this, a person wore a vest made of this material in one of their halves. The other half of the vest was made of ordinary cotton fabric.

The part of the vest in which the fabric is made of PTM reaches a temperature of 3.4 ° C lower than that of normal cotton. In the body of the wearer of the vest, however, the difference was even greater, reaching 4.8 ° C under cotton.

Substance that lowers the temperature
In the tests carried out, the researchers noticed a remarkable drop in temperature when using this tissue. By: (Photo: Science Mag) Image by TN

The tests didn’t stop there, as the same fabric was spread out in the sun along with other materials commonly used in clothing. The differences were concrete, 5 ° C lower than with cotton; 5.8 ° C lower than linen; 7 ° C lower than chiffon and more than 10 ° C in fabrics similar to human skin.

It has also been tested as a cover for a car that is exposed to direct sunlight and reaches a temperature of 3 ° C lower. More importantly, its cost will only add a meager 10% to production costs, which is great news.

A few more tests are missing to certify its performance

However, there is still a trial period to wear the PTM in our clothing. Especially if the color does not lose its effect when the temperature drops. You also have to try it out with people who move from one place to another or do sports.

It can be easily adapted to current production techniques and is therefore expected to be part of it soon. In many parts of the world, heat waves are becoming more intense than ever. This new fabric promises to be of great help in keeping us cooler.

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