They invent a TV screen that you can lick and savor

television lick

The next thing after touch screens for mobiles, computers and television, which in the latter case allow you to change channels or turn up the volume by touching the surface, has arrived. A Japanese professor has invented TV screens that can be licked and tasted.

The prototype has been invented by Professor Homei Miyashita, of Meiji University, in Japan

For the time being, it is a prototype invented by the professor Homei Miyashita, of Meiji Universitywho has created a screen that includes a hygienic film-like coating that allows the user to run their tongue over it and receive tastes, although in a different way to that predicted by the creator of Zoom, who claims that in 10 years they will be able to send tastes by videoconference.

In this case, to generate the flavor, the “savorable” television incorporates 10 sprays of different flavors, which pour their essence on the film depending on the image that is being broadcast at that moment. Thus the user can pass your tongue over the film that covers the screen and perceive the particular flavor, as shown in this video posted on Twitter by Reuters:

According to the professor, the screen could be applied for cooking programs, or to help students to perceive flavors and smells, something that could be useful, for example, for those who are preparing to be sommeliers. The idea is that smells and flavours can be transmitted without leaving the house, although in reality it is nothing more than sprays that are activated according to the image that is projected, but it is something.

No brand has yet been interested in the prototype to market it, but according to the professor, a television that incorporated his “palatable” technology could be priced at around $875.

As he points out, having this kind of technology in place during the Covid 19 pandemic could be used to transmit experiences to homebound users. However, it’s not a very practical invention at this point, nor does it look like it will have much of a commercial future. It’s just a curiosity.

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