They warn that there will be a major earthquake in the Himalayas

An earthquake in the Himalayas is common. Several Oregon State University scientists conducted geophysical studies in the area. The study was carried out in Kashmir, which is located between India and Pakistan. They predict that a major earthquake will hit the area and it can happen at any time.

Earthquake in the Himalayas

Scientists announce a major earthquake in the Himalayas

The study reports that it is only a matter of time, but they are certain that a major earthquake will hit the area. Nobody can predict when it will happen. There is a similar history in the region. In 2005, a terrible earthquake struck Kashmir in Pakistan. It had a record of 7.5 on the Richter scale. It was produced by the Balakot Bagh debt. It was a major earthquake, but not one of the most devastating. However, 80,000 people died.

There is another flaw in Indian Kashmir called riasi. Scientists have investigated this flaw. It was found that he has been under pressure for quite some time. If this pressure is released, it can cause an earthquake greater than 8 on the Richter scale.

Earthquake in the Himalayas, Kashmir

Major earthquakes can also occur in the Himalayan arc from Arunachal Pradesh in India to Pakistan. That has happened in the past. According to research by geologists at the University of Nevada, there will be a major earthquake in the next hundred years. The last earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 is still remembered.

There are several bugs in the Himalayas that can cause disaster

The main flaw of the Himalayan Trust, which measures roughly 500 miles, is still blocked and building up pressure. In other words, it saves enough energy to cause an even bigger disaster than in the past. The victims of the last earthquake were 9 thousand. It wiped out entire villages and made thousands of people homeless.

However, experts assure that in 1505 there was an earthquake eleven times more devastating than the latter. The Himalayan region has various flaws. In them the tectonic plates move on top of each other. This is a result of the compressive forces that the earth’s crust exerts on these plates.

Scientists and geologists agree that a long period of seismic inactivity in the area predicts something big to be brewing. In the case of the so-called Riasi Fault, there are densely populated cities in its area of ​​distribution. Jammu and Kashmir have a population of 1.5 million. Another 700,000 people live in the immediate vicinity in several cities that will also be affected. The Chenab Dam and the railway that runs through it are also in danger.


An earthquake in the Himalayas can happen at any time. It is one of the regions on planet earth that can be hit most severely by large earthquakes. According to experts, it’s only a matter of time.

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