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The presence of a business on the Internet should not be unidirectional. The possibility that customers and visitors of a website can contact an agent to solve any type of query is vital to build user loyalty and to promptly resolve any eventuality that may occur.

The best tool for any company, both SMEs and medium and large, is a live chat like the one offered by 3CX, with which your customers can easily initiate a phone call or a video call with a manager easily and quickly, which will optimize your customer service systems. It is very easy to use, as we explain in the following video:

Although 3CX also offers video and switchboard systems to provide complete communication within a company, its live chat service is the most interesting for two reasons: it is an effective way to stay in touch with our website visitors and it is very easy to implement and use. In addition, its 3CX StartUP Free edition is free for up to 10 users.

“3CX Live Chat allows you to escalate a chat conversation to a call without any intermediate steps.”

And it is that simplicity and speed of configuration is something vital in this type of tool. And 3CX takes it to the limit, as registering and getting your free live chat tool up and running on a web page is a process that only takes a few minutes. Here’s how:

First, all you have to do is log in to the 3CX website and sign up with an email account, such as a Google account. After that, to get a free 3CX StartUP account, you have to fill in your details, choose the 3CX service hosted by them and select the version for up to 10 users.

3cx live chat

live chat 2

Once at this point, our account is almost ready and we just have to add up to 10 users with their name, email and role in the tool: user, manager and receptionist. After this, we have to download the plugin that will allow us to implement the live chat on our WordPress site. To do this, click on the link provided by 3CX, download it and then upload it to the WordPress plugin manager.

Finally, we can access the control panel, where from “Office Settings” and “Voice and Chat” we can modify the appearance and functions offered by the live chat of our website, as you can see in the video.

3cx panel

And with that, in literally less than five minutes, the 3CX live chat tool would be up and running and ready to receive visitor inquiries, both text and call.

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