This is Bybit, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange [Vídeo]

When choosing an exchange to operate with cryptocurrencies, the decision can be complicated. There is a wide variety of these sites, and despite the recent price cuts, new ones appear every day. That decision can get even more difficult once you’ve been in business for a while and looking for an advanced exchange. So today we’re analyzing Bybit, one of the most popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, in videos:

With Bybit we can trade cryptocurrency derivatives. These derivatives are not in themselves cryptocurrencies, but rather so-called inverse future (or perpetual) contracts, and they allow us to “bet” on the price of a crypto in the future, both on the advance (long positions) and on the low ( Short positions). These contracts are so called because when the agreed price is reached, The seller is obliged to sell and the buyer to buy.

Bybit has a wide variety of currency pairs, far more than most futures exchanges. This means that you can buy futures or inverse perpetuals not only with the typical cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) as a base, but also link, dot, Ada, Litecoin contracts … and a good handful more constantly updated.

The enormous variety of contracts along with the trading instruments (very easy to use but with complete control) and leverage (x100) make Bybit a good platform for those who want to start in the derivatives market as well as for those who have been for some time work with these products.

With more than 1,500,000 users, Bybit is an ideal crypto derivatives exchange for both newbies in the industry and the most experienced

As we tell you in the video Bybit does not require any personal identification Only one email address when registering. This is because, while Bybit is not a decentralized exchange, it is a P2P (peer-to-peer) site that connects buyers and sellers and puts banks and other businesses on the sidelines. P2P exchanges are the preferred option if a government decides to ban cryptos, as it has already done in Nigeria and possibly is happening in China.

You can also get comprehensive and up-to-date information about Bybit by following the telegram channel. We recommend it without a doubt!

And remember, the crypto derivatives market is huge. When Bitcoin’s market capitalization hit the trillion dollars, the Bitcoin futures market was in January 2021 (a single month) from more than two trillion dollars. This is a pretty telling indication of the market in which those who have made cryptocurrency trading their profession are operating.

Remember that you are investing in cryptocurrencies and derivatives always has its risksand that it is possible to lose all the money. It is always wise to do your own research and be extremely careful before investing a single penny.

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