This is, a classic games store for PC

What is is a PC game store that offers a large number of classic titles – mainly from the 90s and early 2000s – that are often difficult to find in other online stores.

The GOG store has managed to carve out a place in a market almost completely dominated by Steam and Epic Games, mainly because it incorporates some advantages. For example, GOG games do not have DRM, they are free of digital rights management. In this sense, when you acquire them they will belong completely to you and you will not depend on a third party to execute them.

The platform also guarantees the optimization of classic video games. If the title includes DLC or expansions, these will be included in the version you purchase for your PC (you will get all the content in a single package). Additionally, it applies patches so that older video games run correctly on any modern computer.

How much do games cost on works like a normal store. That is, on this platform you will not have to pay a monthly subscription to access the games, as occurs in Xbox Game Pass, for example. Here, you will pay for each game you want to own. The price varies greatly from one title to another, although you can find classic games even for less than 10 dollars.

When you access their website you will find the best-selling games, the discounted ones, and the new releases highlighted. In the “Store” section you can search for games according to their genre (RPG, adventure, strategy, open world…)

If you want to perform a specific search, just click on the magnifying glass icon and type the name of the title to see if it is available on the platform. Likewise, if you register, you will have your own user and you will collect points for your purchases.

gaming platform

In addition, the page includes a live chat service that works 24 hours a day to resolve questions, errors in games, etc. Another advantage is that you can request a refund for games within 30 days of purchase if they do not work properly.

What is GOG Galaxy and how it works

GOG Galaxy is an additional service that is part of the company that allows you to have your friends and games in one place. The application can be downloaded from the website and is available for Windows and macOS. Although it is in beta phase, which is open and free.

The GOG Galaxy system works as a large library that serves to organize your digital PC and console titles and obtain information from them, such as: hours of games, trophies you have achieved and number of video games you own. It doesn’t matter if you bought your game on Steam or the Microsoft Store, by importing it to the GOG platform you will be able to add it to the library to have access to it.

In addition to games, it also offers the possibility of having all your friends in a chat room divided according to the medium you use to play, be it Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic, etc. This will allow you to search for contacts and chat more comfortably and quickly because you will not have to resort to another application. Likewise, the system will show you your friends’ hours of play, number of achievements, and the titles they have recently played.

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