This is Halo, the new Amazon fitness bracelet


With the introduction of the Halo bracelet, Amazon enters the world of wearables for health. It is a smart activity bracelet that works in sync with an app that needs to be used on a mobile phone.

Halo is the wearable that Amazon is using to enter the activity wristband market that can determine the user’s mood and measure body fat

In addition to the typical functions of this type of bracelet (counting steps, calorie consumption, heart rate …), Halo presents two unprecedented innovations: It can be used make a 3D picture of body fat, This is a much more accurate indicator than traditional ones, and speech recognition can be used to analyze user sentiment.

Halo 3D

The wristband itself is a fully submersible, screenless silicone and wearable fabric, unlike other similar products like the Fitbit wristbands or the Xiaomi Mi Band. Halo has an optical sensor, a button for selecting various functions and two microphones for studying the voice. This function, called sound, enables Halo listens to us all day and determines if we are tired, depressed, angry …

Halo colors

Without a screen, has no notification systems or music control on the phone, so it focuses solely on monitoring the physical activity and health of the users. Everything is controlled through the app linked to Halo, which shows us information that is interpreted locally by the bracelet as no data is uploaded to the cloud to protect user privacy.

Halo battery can lasts up to a full week, However, if more features such as speech recognition are used, the autonomy is reduced to two days. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

The price of Halo at the moment It is only for sale in the United Statesis $ 64.99. This price includes a six month subscription to premium features, access to medical analysis, fitness classes …

If you don’t have it, or don’t want to renew later for $ 3.99 per month, Halo only performs the most basic functions found in an activity bracelet: counting steps, measuring heart activity, and monitoring sleep.

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