This is how Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are

Rayban Meta

Along with the new Meta Quest 3 mixed reality glasses, the company’s new generation of smart glasses was also presented at the Meta Connect event.

Meta already had Ray-ban Stories, the first generation of smart glasses, but the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses incorporate numerous improvements.

Availability and price of the Ray-Ban Meta

The new collection of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will hit the market on October 17. They will be priced starting at $299 and will initially be available in 15 countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as some European markets. They can now be reserved on the Meta website and the RayBan website.

Made in cooperation with Essilor Luxottica – the same manufacturer of Ray-Ban Stories, they incorporate a series of improvements that make it easier to publish and share videos at all times, receive calls and other functions available in the previous generation of glasses. In addition, they add new tools. These are some of the improvements:

Main characteristics of the Ray-Ban Meta

-Improved audio. The new smart glasses incorporate new speakers, with an improved design, more powerful bass and higher volume. There is also improved directional audio that reduces outside noise during calls or while listening to music or podcasts, even in difficult environments such as extreme wind or noise.

The new five-microphone system that it incorporates also improves audio recording when recording video, in an immersive way, to capture what you really want to capture.

-Camera. The Ray-Ban Meta incorporates a 12 megapixel camera, with improved quality for photos and 1080p videos of up to 60 seconds. Images can be shared directly with family and friends from the glasses with the vox command “send a photo.”

-Processor. The new glasses have the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform, which processes high-quality photos and videos even faster. They come with a redesigned case that is also a charging box. It allows up to eight additional charges of the glasses or, in other words, it provides an autonomy of up to 36 hours of use.

-Design. The Ray-Ban Meta also change their design, with a more retro look, and are available in matte black and glossy black. Three color frames are also released (denim, black and caramel) and with more than 150 frame and lens accessories on the Ray-Ban Remix platform, the user can configure their glasses to their liking.

-Endurance. Meta’s smart glasses are now waterproof (IPX4) and the precision and response of the touchpad and interactive temples have also been improved.

-Live broadcast. An important novelty is that Meta smart glasses now allow live broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram. They even allow you to see the comments in the preview, touch the side of the glasses to listen to them and even interact with the audience in real time.

-Meta AI. The glasses are optimized to be used without having to use your hands. Using the “Hey Meta” command you can interact with the company’s AI to control the device, access information… Of course, this option will only be available, for now, in the United States.

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