This is how the new emojis will be in Google Chrome

Chrome Emojis

Emojis continue to add nonverbal context to text communications on social networks and instant messaging platforms, but it’s not going to take long for them to incorporate a couple of advantages, at least q those who use the next update of the Google Chrome browser, number 98.

The increase in the sharpness of emojis is accompanied by a reduction in the space they occupy on the device

The improvement comes thanks to a new font format that Google has baptized as COLRv1, which represents a significant improvement over the traditional bitmapespecially for the use of gradients in the colors and lines of greater definition. But together with this eminently aesthetic advantage this new format includes an additional improvement, as it is that the emojis occupy now a smaller space in the storage of the device. Specifically now the emojis occupy a fifth part of the device storage of the space they currently occupy, all without affecting the appearance of the emoji.

Another advantage of this new format is that it also allows the rescaling of the emoji to larger sizes, so that when used in webs the appearance will continue to be clear even with large font sizes. All these advantages allow much more detailed versions of the emojis, as can be seen in the following examples.

This modification in the appearance of the emojis supposes an important improvement of the appearance of the same ones, which besides in the habitual communication between particular users can also achieve that the use of emojis, for example, in digital marketing, offers high quality graphic results.

The new and improved emojis will arrive with Chrome 98 in a near date but that from Google has not been confirmed yet. The COLRv1 format will arrive to the desktop version as well as to the version for mobile devices of Chrome, which is currently in beta phase.

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