This is how you receive the monthly advance payments for the rental property

Renting a home or other type of property can be a huge problem for many homeowners. We are in a somewhat delicate economic situation shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, and rental prices are falling in many locations due to the increased supply of apartments and flats. The fact that there is less tourism has meant that short-stay homes and vacation rentals have become part of this catalog of long-term rentals. In addition, there is less mobility of workers and students going to university in other cities, making renting an apartment in good condition an increasingly complicated task.

In addition, there is the traditional concern of every owner to win solvent tenants for his rental house, who take care of their property and pay on time and, moreover, do not cause any problems in the neighborhood community. This is not an easy problem. Additionally, in a difficult financial situation like the one we live in, many property owners rely on their rent being paid on time as this may be their only or one of the few sources of income they have.

To ensure the collection of the rent and also the security that the relationship with the tenants does not cause a headache, there is a service called Rental Advance that offers the owner this security and in addition even allows him to receive up to 36 monthly payments of his Rent in advance.

Rental Advance consists of a team from the banking sector, experts in alternative finance and the real estate sector. They offer a very simple solution that allows owners to be calm in a situation of market uncertainty like the current one, to free them from any risk situation they might suffer from their tenants, and on top of that, give them an advance payment of up to allow up to 36 monthly payments of the amount of your rent. This way, owners get up-to-date money to cover unexpected expenses, cover spills from the neighborhood community, fix breakdowns, carry out reforms … or even make new investments to further increase their wealth.

Javier Viada, CEO and Co-Founder of Rental Advance

Requesting up to 36 monthly payments with no limit on amount is very easy. It is not a loan so it does not add to the debt capacity of the owner. There are no monthly fees and these can be extended after the specified term. All you have to do is fill out the application form on their website, they will investigate your case and in this case you will need to provide the requested documents (your ID, email address and bank account) as well as information about the property (title deed, last IBI receipt , Rental agreement and home insurance) and, if applicable, the mortgage. It doesn’t matter that the house is mortgaged in order to be able to apply for the advance payment, which is very beneficial for the owner who can apply for this help regardless of the loan they have acquired.

The whole process is carried out simply, electronically and through the website:

Once the request has been accepted, Rental Advance will be responsible for the integral management of the property: it will take care of the collection and management of the possible non-payment of the tenants, should this arise. So the owner doesn’t have to worry about anything, he simply receives up to 36 rental payments and Rental Advance takes care of everything.

Even if current tenants decide to vacate the home for a cheaper price, move to town, or for any other reason during this period, Rental Advance is responsible for finding other tenants with proven solvency and doing a study of theirs Economical to carry out capacities so that the owner does not have to worry about anything. This also avoids the stress of finding new tenants for your home.

Rental Advance is responsible for any risk situation for the owner, the situation of non-payment, eviction, incidents … It will also get liquidity to face any unforeseen event or investment that it wants to make and will not increase its debt capacity. as it is not a loan, but an advance on the monthly payments of the apartment or property you rent.

So if you want to collect the rents in advance and no longer want to worry about the risk of breakdowns, reimbursing tenants and other administrative costs related to renting your property, do not hesitate and take advantage of Rental Advance.

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